Using Datashapes but Cancel won't Cancel

Hi All,
I’m using DataShapes for just about all my scripts now. My issue is trying to stop the graph just after the user selects Cancel. It seems to run whatever it can then error out. So far I’ve only seen an If node as a means to stop the graph, but that example was only for a single linear process. Please see my current Graph. User Interface is in the upper left had side (in pink). Any advice is appreciated.

Canceling Data-Shapes only stops that single node from executing its main function. It still gives an output and Dynamo still continues to run based on that output - usually resulting in nulls, empty lists, or errors. ScopeIf will prevent certain nodes from executing, but you’re right, it only works in a linear progression up to the point of the ScopeIf node. There isn’t really a way (that I’m aware of) to prevent your code from executing.

What are you trying to accomplish by not executing part of your graph? Is it still creating elements or changing data somewhere or do you just not want all the node errors?