Cancel button for Data-Shapes

Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi,

I’m using you package Data-Shapes (great work by the way!) and I’m wondering if youi could add a “cancel” button to breat the code at that point. I made a few scripts and assign it to different buttons (using Dyno plug-in) but if somehow I press the wrong routine I want to exit it with nothing to do.

I tried pressing “esc” key but it doesn’t work, so I’m missing a cancel button. (if it is already implemented… forget my request).


The UIMultipleInputForm++ node has a cancel button. If you don’t set a value to it (the last input in the screenshot from the Datashapes page) then it won’t show up though. :slight_smile:


Your right! … I’m getting blind! Thanks!

Hello, i have the cancel button visible within my form but when i use it it continues the along the nodes with out the uses input do you have any idea what the cause could be.