IF loop - Empty list

I am trying to make if loop that will read values in excel file and compare them with list i get from revit elements. when i try with simple number list i get result i want, but when i try with list of numbers i get empty list.

I am attaching dynamo definition and excel file i used in the definition.
thank you for your help :slight_smile:.
If_test.dyn (5.2 KB)
profiles.xlsx (13.3 KB)

Didn’t try to understand what you’re trying to do.
But, I suspect the function you’ve defined is flawed

In your example, If I remove the first number in the above list it provides results similar to the one below

yes, i figured that out as soon as i posted, but didnt know how to delete the post :slight_smile:.
All I want to do is, to compare the numbers in the X list with numbers in the AREA list, and get return from NAME list, with the same index as index from AREA list, that is equal to number in X list. Result should be something similar to my other IF definition. Older definition is in the attached file below.
If_test.dyn (8.9 KB)

Try this approach…
FilterSelect.dyn (5.1 KB)


it works fine, thank you :slight_smile:

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soo i got it to work using while loop, soo here is the result, i hope it will help someone else :slight_smile: