Id's of Area boundaries

Hi guys,

I would like to get the Id’s of my Area boundaries.

Im cleaning up my project-template and found that they are present in my template (bad), but i cant seem to find them easily.

Using Dynamo i can get a list of all Id’s with All elemets at Level or All elements of category.

All elements of Category needs a string input, so the simple question is, what is the string input for these boundaries, for “AreaBoundary” doesnt work.

Better still, where can i get a list of all categories for use in the string node.

Thank you



Tried it the other way around, i get Autodesk.Revit.DB.ModelLine ??



This way you will get a list of all elemant of selected categories


Thank you Johannes, but have you tried your own solution on Areaboundaries?



you could do this:


Marcel, or like thatfilter-areaboundaries

Thank you Johannes and Peter



Hey guys, this is very interesting to me. Is there a way to determine a specific area’s boundary lines? So if I wanted to get all the areas in my project (it would be nice if I could filter that by Area Scheme), and then create sublists of the boundaries per area, with the realization that the boundaries can be used to bound two Areas.

I hope my question make sense. I’m not referring to room objects, but to area objects.

For what it is worth: in Dynamo 1.0.0 (working in Revit 2016), the Category for Area Boundary lines is now called Lines - . It took me a while to find that, so I thought I would pass that along to anyone else who reads this thread.