Identify medial axis path and their lines' intersection points of a floor

Hi all,

I’m facing an issue to find a path (like the red line in the image) and their lines’s intersection (like the blue Xs) of a floor.

I need to find these information from a list of floors to use the path to place a line based family instance and the points of intersetion to place family instances by point.

I tried to use the Voronoi solution, but it didn’t work, because I need a straight line to each medial axis, as the image below, and the method returns a bunch of individual lines.

If this is walls you could use element. location node to get those lines and get curve. start and curve. end points nodes and prune duplicates node then insert your family based by point.

Or you can get floor. Points then insert your family based by point.

Create Model Curve Lines from your floor, and then delete the two at the very ends so that it looks like you have two lines running parallel to each other.

Then, do what @ingenieroahmad suggested and use this script to select start curves and end curves. By averaging the points, you can create a line through the middle of your floor.

Medial Line3.dyn (111.5 KB)
MedialLineA1.dyn (81.7 KB)


Thank you @callbowen and @ingenieroahmad


I think sweeping at a given angle along the contour lines of the room and projecting the resulting geometry in xy plane should render a cleaner solution…havent tried it thought…cheers

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