Id to Element issue with view

Hello! I am trying to select and ultimately control the dimension of the section box of my 3D views.

I use that workflow but I cant select the section box of my 3d view. Any clues?



Function means it is an unfulfilled node. It looks like you need to supply that node the active document.


What version of Dynamo / Revit? Also, what package is that node from?, 2015, Latest I thought but when i open it :

The latest looks like this

is that the archi-lab right?


I have installed the latest package manually. Attached is a list of the library nodes… Cant seem to get the Select.byElementID…

Am i missing something big time?

The only new one I get is that version of Element by ID

@Konrad_K_Sobon Any idea since you are familiar with your versions ?

I hate to say this, but uninstall all packages and reinstall them.

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Got there eventually.

Thanks anyway.

I was seeing up to 2016.12.8 package up until few hours before. 2016.12.9 fixed it

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Hahahaha noooooooooooo

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