I want to replace the family type of large beams that have been placed

Nice to meet you.
I am Japanese. I don’t speak English either, I use DeepL for translation.
Currently, nearly 1000 large beams of skyscrapers are being placed.
I would like to replace the family type of those large beams from “A” to “B”.
I have confirmed that this will succeed in the Dynamo that I am currently creating.
However, it is very time consuming and will take two full days to complete, as each placed object is worked on one by one.
If we could process the same family type at once, it would reduce the amount of work and improve the situation.
What do you all think?
If you have any good ideas, I would like to hear them.

The type name “15FLG5” in the “A’s” family is
Replace “15FLG5” with “15FLG5” in the “B” family as well.

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Large beam family type replacement.dyn (24.3 KB)

It sounds like that you could replace via a Schedule, sorted by type.


I do not know how to classify family types by type.
It is not the attached image method below.
I would appreciate it if you could please enlighten me…

I think that you should try setting the lacing of your last node to shortest instead of cross product and maybe not use levels at all.
Another recommendation is to use the All Elements of Type node instead of the FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType.
Edit: it also seems you’re trying to change the type of elements of one family, into that of another family.
I think something simple like this should work, if I understand your question correctly:

Just select the old Family Type in the top Family Types node and the new Family Type in the bottom Family Types node.

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using workflows with in revit is probably the best method.

  1. use Beam list schedule to filter beam size, then in schedule change the family type of all the quantity of that family. Schedule can be sorted by levels incase only some levels are changing.
  2. Also in view pick large beam and right click - selecting all instances- it will allow you to change the family type.

other methods…

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I was able to do it by minimizing the outer volume of the last lacing.
Thank you very much.