I need help with CAD to Revit text creation

Hello guys,

i’m trying to automate the creation of text from CAD diagrams to Revit. I have it working (sort of), issue is when i have 3 diagrams for example, only the first diagram is created. it has about 203 text notes, the next diagram has about 230 and the last one is about the same.

i’m not sure if its a lacing issue? so it reads the first list (first diagram text) no problem. creates those in revit and it works awesome but it wont create list 2 or 3 with the text from diagram 2 or 3. only diagram 1.

let me know if i need to post more info or explain it further, ive been trying to get this to work for about 3 days and i’m out of ideas.

i tried to get item at index but it didn’t work at all, in fact it doesn’t return anything when i do that.

any and all help appreciated.

Thanks a lot and happy thursday!!

awww snap. it was the lacing. i changed it to longest and it worked… wow.


This might be a thread that is too old. But I used this to try and get it working within my revit file and when I try the script seems to run fine as it says its complete but no text notes appear anywhere in the model? Did you run into the same issue? I feel like this is really dumb question to ask haha.

But ive tried on an CAD import to a drafting view and a model view but when the script runs (and says there are no errors) no text notes appear