Create pdf from revit sheets

Hi everyone,

I need help to create pdfs from the available sheets from revit. Ive tried everything but no result. Please help.


@wyusuf2Y44S what have you tried? have you search this forum?

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Yes i did but didnt found quit what i was looking for. I read and tested everything but nothing. Have you got any ideas?

The point of this forum is to help you if you come across a problem in your script, not to do it for you. It is your job and your pay, we are just around because we enjoy helping others. What @salvatoredragotta alluded to was from this post that I recommend you read: How to get help on the Dynamo forums
Specifically the part about how this is not a “do my work for me” forum and that if you want help, you have to show what you have done. Show some pictures of your attempts or any information related to your goal.

Saying “I’ve tried everything and read everything” means nothing to us. If you have tried literally everything and still doesn’t work then that means that this task is impossible to do, case closed.

Search the forums, show some attempt at doing your work, and then come back with specific problems and we will be happy to help.

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Thank you for you advice. Altho it comes acros very hostile. Im new at this forum and so i didnt know how to post stuff. If i have a problem with a script i will post it.

Thank you.