I Need a Stop Node

Essentially the problem is that I am creating a pile schedule to export out to excel for my engineer to input the loads and I can bring them back in i have the export down but I want to release this to my wider company and not everyone will want to use the export function they will just want the pile numbering that precedes it - essentially I need an if statement to go like this.

In a code block:
Test ? {excelFileName,excelDataSet} : null;

This Just gives me Script errors? is there no way of just having it end at the if statement if it is false?

To avoid the errors you’ll have to call the entirety of your function inline with the if statement.

Unlikely that will work easily without creating a custom node and getting into a scope if node.

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Also, if your errors are in the nodes upstream of this of statemwnt, you can call those as a function inside a redundant function (such as a List.Flatten or Object.Identity) which will usually avoid the error.

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Hey, sorry if this is a dumb suggestion, but from what i can gather it does what you need?



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where does the Transaction.End come from?

I it’s a core node under category Revit in 1.3… Depending on your graph you wouldn’t necessarily need it.

I think "Tool.RunMe " from steam nodes tried it ? doesn’t that help?

You can use two of these one for true and for the other you can inverse the Boolean and use for false.

I have a Data.Circut node for this purpose… check lower right corner of the image (from my sample collection)