Data.ExportExcel error! Need Help!

Hi guy, I’m creating Revit to Excel and using Data.ExportExcel node and at the end, it appear this warning error

How to solve this error?

StartRow and StartColumn values should be Integers without quotes.

Lol. Silly mistake. It work btw. Thanks bro!
Another question, what is the node if I want the quantity of the family appear? For example, you can see my pic below, I have a column “QTY” which means the quantity of the “ITEM No.”

You would need to Group By Key, then use a Count node most likely because that value is calculated in Revit and not a parameter value of any particular element.

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Sorry. Can you elaborate more? I did not know how to use the node.

Try and follow this example and see if you can get it to work. I think it looks like you are group correctly, just not getting the count of the items correctly.