I have 2.0.1 installed, but I see three versions past this

Are there any Docs or Readme file on what is new in the ‘Most stable’ Dynamo Versions?
I actually see there are three versions newer.

Also, the latest is a zip file… not an executable. Could someone explain please?

2.0.2 is the most recent stable version for Dynamo for Revit, and is the ‘most recent’ version you see in 2.0 format.

1.3.4 is an update to fix some issues with 1.0 format as there is a need to backwards support that for a bit.

DynamoCoreRuntime is to allow access to Sandbox as indicated here: https://dynamobim.org/a-new-way-to-get-dynamo-sandbox/

So there are no keys to what’s new, fixed or otherwise?

Sorry - the ‘what’s new’ and ‘what’s fixed’ stuff is best shown in the blog when new releases are posted. Here is the entry from 2.0.2:


our release notes are always here:

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this looks to be what I wanted.

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