Which 2.x version is next?

I’m a bit confused about which versions are available on the Builds page.
AFAIK, the currently shipping version is 2.0.2
There’s a “stable build” listed as 2.1.0 on the Builds page
But in the Daily section, there are no recent 2.1.x listed. There are only 2.0.2 and 2.3.0 builds
The last 2.1 is from back in October.
I don’t want to install 2.1 (which is apparently going to shop with Revit 2020) if there’s going to be a 2.3 out soon.
I already jumped on the 2.0.0 release too soon and had to push both 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 out to 80 users. Don’t want to repeat that with 2.1 and (maybe?) 2.3

Currently the latest stable build that can be installed for revit is 2.0.2, the 2.1 version you are seeing is a sandbox version that doesnt include anything related to revit. I would suggest you read the blog post about this https://dynamobim.org/a-new-way-to-get-dynamo-sandbox/

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So, Revit 2020 came out this morning and includes “Integrated Dynamo Revit 2.1” in it’s deployment.
But the Dynamo Builds page still doesn’t list 2.1

Yes, and i’m asking myself if existing packages will work.
And i’m also a bit afraid we’ll have to resort to autodesk forums for support…

You can check out the new blog post here! https://dynamobim.org/dynamo-core-2-1-release/

In short we follow semantic versioning that means: All 1.X versions will work without upgrading until 2.X, all 2.X versions will work without upgrading until 3.X and so on.

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Why is this a concern?

Mmm, concern…
I just like ‘the community’ better. :wink:

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Thanks, will read. And after some testing today it seems that all my revit 2019 (Dynamo 2.0.2 based) graphs using a number of packages work with litlle to no edits in 2020 with Dynamo 2.1…

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Should be the case, but there may be exceptions so be sure to test. :slight_smile: