I get nothing with Element.GetParameterValueByName

I would like to retrieve the “Estimated average illumination”, Properties - Electricity - Lighting

I am on the revit base file that is installed automatically, RME_basic_sample_project.rvt.

I use my “Element.getParameterValueByName” for other parameters, and everything works fine, but for the latter, dynamo does not return a value.

I would like to understand why, maybe I have to activate a function in dynamo.

I am on REVIT 2022

What kind of Elements are you feeding into the node? Is it Spaces?

Yes, that’s right,

Not sure if i recall correctly but afaik the values of some Parameters can’t be retrieved.
Maybe this is one of them?

Nevermind. It works for me

so strange, I have at least 0 in value


It would be strange, I am following a tutorial, probably from an old version of dynamo where it works well, I don’t understand why dynamo doesn’t return a value

Can you show more of your Graph or share your .dyn.
Hard to tell where things might go wrong of this one screenshot.

My French sucks but isn’t Pieces Rooms so you might feed the wrong Category / Elements?
Rooms don’t have that Parameter.

of course, thank you for your help, herewith my dynamo file
Home.dyn (36.9 KB)

Maybe this?

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Hello it may help if you choose parameters rather than us strings to select.

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It’s good !!! thanks I had to change category, Revit is confusing in French ^^.

I had put the same nomination “piéces”