I am confused about a problem

I am confused about a problem.

If I do a dyanmo application function, people who don’t understand programming may not easily understand how to use it.

Can dynamo make nodes as easy to use as plugins?

Use Dynamo Player:


Also, setting up your graph with clear instructions helps. Groups, annotations, and set the view so when they open all they see is the instructions - they can ignore the nodes and wires if they want, or learn something by reviewing what you had.

This sort of documentation should be included on all graphs anyway, as it helps with the inevitable re-work.

Thank you very much!
And What can I do if I don’t want the Dynamo file be modified?

Thank you !

Save it in a drive location with read only access for all but a handful of users, AND make frequent backups. :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea,thank you! :coffee:

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