Hypar nodes are not working

Hey everyone, I’m trying to work with the hypar nodes but I get this error: Warning: Model.FromElements operation failed.
Unable to cast object of type ‘Revit.Elements.StructuralFraming’ to type ‘Elements.Element’.

Does anyone know if they are working or if my script wrong? error

Hello @yousrakadcha78 Sorry that you found these nodes and that they aren’t working for you! The node called Model.FromElements is intended for use with Hypar Elements, which you can create using the other nodes in that package. A script that looks like the one below should work and create a model that you can then import into Hypar. (The yellow warning is saying that some conversion has failed, not that all walls failed to convert)

I’m very curious, what are you trying to accomplish with Hypar? If you need any other assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Hypar with the email support@hypar.io

You should also know that we have mostly discontinued development of our Dynamo Package in favor of our Revit addin. You can read more about using the addin here.
Note, if you use our addin, it may interfer with the Dynamo package.


The result will look something like this in Hypar when used on the basic sample architectural model.

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Thanks a lot For your quick reply. I’ll test it and keep you updated.

Thanks it actually worked.
Concerning what I want to do with Hypar, I want to export some revit elements to visualise them in power BI (I don’t want to use addins because I don’t want to export Raw data but the results of some analysis that I perform in dynamo). That’s why I would like to export my elements to JSON using a dynamo node instead of a plugin.

Glad it worked!

That sounds great, glad the Elements library is proving useful for you. We made it open source exactly so that it could provide value for people in AEC regardless of where their building data needs to go.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

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