Element Local CS node - invalid for Parts

Hello dear and amazing Dynamo Community,

I just noticed that the Element.LocalCoordinateSystem node is not working for Parts. It returns them as invalid elements.


Any ideas for a workaround? I am stuck…
The goal is to create an element view of a part.

I would really appreciate any hint/help


Can you provide the package that nodes is from?

I don’t have much experience with Assemblies and Parts but I would assume the Part Element is not the same as the Instance Element. I’m guessing you might have to get the Instance from the Part and query the CS of the Instance. Unless you’re actually looking for the orientation of the Part compared to the Assembly… then it seems more complicated.

The package is BIM4Struc.Productivity

The Part is from a wall.
I rerun the script selecting the wall and not the part.
It failed again…
Apparently, the problem is not the part…

I don’t believe Walls have a Transform property. You probably won’t be able to get a local CS from a line-based system family in this way. I’d recommend determining the orientation “manually” via the location curve.

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Hi @Vasiliki_Georgoula

Try this: