HVAC_Change Material parameter by "System type", and not by Category

For a koordination HVAC with ventilation, heating and sanitary is important a good difference with colors. Actually if you’ve to export to IFC your installation, the only form to export this colors to IFC is changing the color in the material parameter of every family.

The material is configurate in 2 choose:

  1. If you choose or create a material (I create a list with all colors)
  2. By Category

(IDEA) Im trying to get a 3. configurate (I don’t know if it’s possible with dynamo, Phyton or API)
This 3. is by “System type”.
The ventilation project is with the followed colors organized:
Red = Supply Air
Brown = Exhaust Air
Yellow = Return Air

If you choose a Duct System (Supply, Exhaust, Return Air), you can change the color in Properties_Edit Type, but only change in the ducts (not in the Duct Fittings).

Would it be some possibilty to get this configuation?

Hi @Ruben_Martinez

Show us screenshot of your work where did you got stuck.

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