Set system family material from list of materials with same name

I am trying to create a command that will alternately switch Revit piping and duct system type materials between and a colored material that has the same name as the system type. When working on a project it is beneficial to have the systems in different colors for easy identification but I don’t want them to print in these colors. Changing the print to B/W is not an option because our titleblock logo is supposed to print in color. I have been able to generate a list of the system type names and I have the materials (also in a list) created but I can’t get the parameter set.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

I think a simpler approach would be to override the color of these elements in the active view. For pipes, material is controlled by the Pipe Segment (which also determines other attributes such as nominal radius, inner/outer diameter, etc.) and pipe fittings don’t have a material property. Ducts/fittings/accessories don’t have a material property either unless you are using MEP Fabrication Ductwork. Here is an example overriding the color of ducts in the active view:

override in view.dyn (46.8 KB)



You can add your own colors and system names at the bottom of the graph–just make sure to have an equal number of overrides and system names and that they are in the same order.

Hi @jgoldenZGQBM,

You can use the Set SystemType Properties node to easily change the materials.