Humidity edge from an image

Hi, I’m doing a thesis on HBIM and my supervisor ask me to find a way for humidity edge recognition from an image.
Does anyone know a way to do it?
I uploaded an example image:

Could you illustrate where the humidity edge is located (through e.g. paint) for us who are not sure?
And also share your current Dynamo graph and what you’ve tried so far.

I draw an example of the humidity edges


I’m new in the dynamo world and I’ve only tried the “EdgeDetection” script found on this forum.

I don’t think edge detection has anything to do with humidity edges.

Yeah, i figured it out, but i’m new in dynamo and I don’t know how to proceed to have a good result

Exercise 2 should describe somewhat along the lines of what you wish to achieve (with some tweaks).

The following might be of help as well.

I tried both, but I only obtained the edges of the wall and nothing usable for the humidity edges