Canny Edge Detection


I’m trying to make a node block out of the Canny Edge Detection method (link: Somehow I cannot seem to make it work. Is there an easy solution to this problem or is there already an existing block like this I haven’t found?

That code relies on packages which are not supported in Iron Python, and as such wont run there and therefore will not run in Dynamo.

What are you attempting to do (more background than ‘find edges in an image’ would help).

is this what you are looking for?

Trying to use the Canny Edge Detection on an image in Dynamo so I can manipulate that picture later on, but since I have no knowledge of python/Ironpython I don’t know the difficulty to use a python code in ironpython

Yes, I’ve stumbled across this aswell but I haven’t found that codeblock online or their packages they speak of…

Patient… we will be releasing it as soon as we had finalized some other details :slight_smile:

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Hello @Highscore, dont know if you had already found your solution but the AECTech package had been released! Full link here.

​Thanks for letting me know, but yes I’ve already found the solution! Appreciate ur help :slight_smile:

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