Edges Preview Issue (Why do the edges look like this in the new version of Dynamo?)

In these two versions, the edges look fine.

But, in these two versions, as if there is an error, even the hidden part of the edges are visible.

Could you anyone please reply?

@solamour @Michael_Kirschner2 any ideas on this one?

This is a good question for @Aparajit_Pratap :slight_smile: Any ideas on why this may be happening?

Also - @Lynn_Kim would it be possible to share your graph so that we can test? If you don’t want to share in public you can always direct message us.

yeah probably these changes:

unfortunately to tackle all of these cases at arbitrary scales is quite difficult. I assume that if you scale up this geometry the edges are hidden again?


I scaled up the geometry but it still has the issue.

I attached my script file and related SAT file.
Please provide a fundamental solution.
Thank so much @Michael_Kirschner2 @solamour @jacob.small .
TriRandomExtrude.dyn (52.4 KB)
model_export.sat (11.9 KB)


Thank you @Lynn_Kim - We have filed a task to look into this :slight_smile:

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thanks @Lynn_Kim for the repro case, this should be fixed move near clipping plane further away for more depth buffer precision. by mjkkirschner Β· Pull Request #13338 Β· DynamoDS/Dynamo Β· GitHub - the graphical results are still not EXACTLY the same as before, but they are much improved to support more cases.

the PR was just merged so a daily build of 2.17 should contain it soon for you to test.