Place trees on Topo surface

Hi All,

I have a tree survey with the X and Y Coordinates of the trees. however the surveyor did not share the Z coordinate. We received a separate land survey using which we created the topo-surface in revit. I can use the cooridinates from excel via dynamo to place the trees in the correct location in plan (X-Y Axis). is there any way to get them to sit at the correct height as well based on the topo-surface we have generated.

Any help much appreciated.

atul Saraff

If it isn’t too many trees, the simplest/most straight-forward way would be to use a ray bounce going straight down (negative Z-axis vector).

I guess you need something like this, exept for the randomized part

Hi Kenny,

Im relatively new to Dynamo.Could you please guide me on how i would be doing the Ray Bounce?

RayBounce.ByOriginDirection Using the X,Y, and a Z that will always be above the surface (any Z above, not important) as the origin point. The direction will be straight down, or a Z = -1.

It has been a while so I might be wrong but I think max bounce should be set to 1 and view3D should just be any 3D view.

Search your library for Point.Project and you should find some nodes which can help quite a bit here. :wink:

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