How to write parameter on elements in link?

how to write parameter on elements in link?

Hi Ricardo,

Its not possible to write parameters on elements in link file. The only possibility is open the link file and write parameters using Dynamo and reload the link file in Revit. Hope that make sense.

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Thanks Kulkul

You could theoretically do it if you had both models open at the same time (different sessions). A Dynamo script in this model exporting elem ID, Param name and data to excel or csv and a receiver script in linked model that writes data to those elements. Not done it before though, so could be a headache… or maybe not. Just a thought though.

If you could automate opening Dynamo in Revit session then you could start a Revit process by pathing linked Revit model filepath, open Dynamo and run. But I don’t think you can automate the opening of Dynamo in Revit.

Just ideas though, not really a solution. @Kulkul is right in what he says