How to use the 'output' from the user input to a Multiple Input Form?

I found a node from data-shapes that generates a pop-up and allows a user to input something.
But now I’m having trouble using that data as an output…
In my case I need the file name and directory path to use for the export to excel.
Any suggestions or ideas?


In a code block:

data[0] will retrieve the typed name.
data[1] will retrieve the path.

I believe that data[1]+"\"+data[0] will combine the two into a file path. If that doesn’t work use data[1]+"\\"+data[0] (I can’t remember which is the escape character but muscle memory has me reaching for I think this character, but I am not at an American keyboard at the moment).

Thanks, that worked!
I almost reached my impossible result! Still need a fix to write a new excel from template but have multiple sheets and data as input. I’ll probably mess around and look on the internet some more, or post a new topic later on.

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