Copy excel file and write new data into sheets

Build the template as an xlsx. Use a File.Copy node to duplicate the file. Make sure all excel files writing the data to the copied file have ‘overwrite’ set to false.

But how can I connect my data to this file?

After you copy the file use that file to write your excel to. Use a WaitFor method (Clockwork has a node called passthrough, or [DataToPass,WaitFor][0]; in a code block) to ensure the file is created before you try and write to it.

Sorry, I have no idea how to use the WaitFor method :exploding_head:

There are a few dozen examples in the forum. Give it a look and see what you can find.

Right now I have something like this, not sure how I can connect the file path to the data…

Saw a mistake there, destination path is wrongly connected, it should be data[1]+"\"+data[0]

The DataToPass should be the path to where you copied the file.

I thought I had it figured out but then…

File From Path node. :slight_smile:

It worked!! except it only wrote data onto the first sheet…

Or is it not possible to connect multiple datastreams?

Or do I need to create a WaitFor for each excel sheet?

Might need to. I can’t speak to the function of the bumblebee nodes as I haven’t used them before. The Data.ExportExcel node should work though.

Data.ExportExcel can only write one sheet at a time… I can try using that for each sheet but then again I have multiple datastreams…

It worked with the multiple Data.ExportExcel! I’ll clean up the file and post it tomorrow for everyone to enjoy!

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Hi @Laura_POLO

Can you share with us your graphic? I have a similar problem, so if you can help me please…