How to use "GetSurroundingElements"

Hi.Please help me my .dyn.
Please check this attachment.
I want to make the relationship between Room and Ceiling.But I can’t.
Please give me some advice

(Very) quick answer: Room.BoundingElements-ArchiLab (for instance) will give you this relationship directly…

@s0443124 Here is another possible way…


I’m tryin your another way.But I can’t.
Why can I make the relationship between Room height and Ceiling height ?
Please give me some advice.

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Thank you your advice.
But,Where ca I get the Room.BoundingElements ?
Can I get the node in ?

@s0443124 Check lacing on Geometry.DoesIntersect node it should be “CrossProduct”. Watch lacings.

I forgot to mention, it’s from Chynamo

Sorry I mistaked.
After change Crossproduct,I can.
Thank you your advice.