Floor and Room


I need a list of each floor with your respective room.

For example:

I have an room called “QUARTO 1”.
Inside of this room, there is a FLOOR called “CERAMIC FLOOR”

I need a list



Try out the element.room node in the rhythm package.

I didn’t find this node in rhythm.
I tried others, but, not worked.

@daniel.petrin, try using the “Tool.GetSurroundingElements” node from SteamNodes:

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Thanks @JacobSmall for the mention. However, this node only works for FamilyInstances and not System families like floors or ceilings.

Ah! Well in that case try out the steamnodes package noted above. If that doesn’t work I’ll help with a geometric or bounding box containment test for you.

You could try using Bimorph Package interference checking nodes. You would need to create a number of redudant vertical beams which you could afterwards delete by using select all in project.

Process - find the centre point of the room, move it up and down, create a curve, create a beam, run Bimorph package interference check between floors and beams, query the floor and write data back room parameter

beam floor interference check get floor data to write to room.dyn (48.4 KB)