How to use find and replace for project parameter value

how to use find and replace for project parameter value

can you try with method,

this is the concept i am given, you need to select the element as per your requirement, i am searching from comments, you need to do it for activity id , etc

ok i will try

need any dynamo packages?

Yes, its written on top of the nodes,
you need to download lunchBox and WombatDynamo

Hello @kaviyuvi0 …dont think you need custompackage for this task…

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thnx i will try sir.

hi sir,
some error to my task, please resolve this error,

i think not parameter value (i need parameter text)

You are searching the content from empty list,
you need to give elements from which it will read the comments value.

Hi @kaviyuvi0 …yes do as @honeyjain619 show below or do as i showed in the image above…good luck :wink:

not working bro

please send dynamo file bro

replaceitem.dyn (15.8 KB)

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HI Bro , I put my file drive link below. Please check

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thx bro


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set parameter - Change the lacing - to longest

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