How to tin surface from region/3dfaces

Hello everyone,
I am new to dynamo I wonder if there is way to create tin Surface(s) from region/3dfaces autocad objects? please help me with the script if it is possible to make tin Surfaces in Dynamo.

Please see the attached file.
Thanks in advance

Hi Shafiq,

Right now in Dynamo, you can only create tin surfaces from a Cogo Point Group.

I don’t know how you’re defining your regions/faces, but assuming you can extract the boundaries, i will take the boundaries of the regions/faces, add points every X distance using the point at parameter, turn the points into cogo points, assemble the points into gropus and finally create the tin surface(s). I did a real small example (only one surface) of this here : Polyline3D to Surface. I believe you can follow the same logic.

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Hi david_licona,

I see your Point of view I agree with you. But I do have more than 50 Surfaces in different Z level and some Surfaces are even curve. if I use ‘Surface from cogo points’ this will take me days, I guess. Because I need not only one tin-surface, but many individual Surfaces as shown in attached file. Moreover, this is only a small portion of Surfaces are shown in gif.

Appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn’t really matter if the surfaces are in different Z level or curved. You can do them all at the same time following the same logic, Dynamo will create lists and perform the operations on each of the list. It will take more or less time depending on the number of surfaces you have and parameters you use but it will still do the job. For complex surfaces, you can also create points on the surface using (u,v) coordinates. See file attached its a simple demo but it proves that you can do all surfaces at once.

TinSurfaces.dyn (207.0 KB)



Great job David_licona! this will help me to make Surfaces.

I run your script but i got error and I only got cogo points not surface. I am not that familiar to Dynamo, so I have not understood where the problem exists for my Surface. Would it be nice to hear you once again on the following example?

Hi Shafiq, can you share the script ? The error is being created on the Object.Geometry node but I couldn’t get a look at the warning for that node in the gif. All subsequent errors are coming from there.
Also, I feel I shall say that my original script is really not at all optimized, I did on the fly, so maybe not the best starting point for your graph.

Hi david_licona,

Could you please find the attached file as well as the script. It would be nice to have the script for my dwg file until I understand the mistake I did. Nontheless, I used the same script for my drawing :yum: .

Thank you for such a wonderful contribution.

PolylinetoSurface.dwg (1022.2 KB) TinSurfaces.dyn (207.0 KB)