Creating tin surface and paste other surfaces

Hello, im trying to make a grading surface in dynamo, i read somewhere that dynamo dont create grading surfaces, but, im going with a diferent focus, creating 3 surfaces:
Surface A:one on the top wich boundary has an offset in the plane “XY” and is in the terrain level
Surface B:one on the bottom wich have no offset in plane “XY” and is “Z” under the terrain level
Surface C:one make by the borders of the surface A and B , this would be the grading surface.

So i have two questions, when i create a polysurface in dynamo using the borders of A and B the result is the next one:

the image of the borders with no surface between them.

the image of the grading surface created by polySurface.byLoft

So, thats the result i wanna make appear in civil 3d, my problem is, and is happening to me constanly , when i want to join the surfaces of the polysurface this error always appear.

if is not the case, and i want to make appear the polysurface in civil exactly like appears in dynamo i read in some post that the only way is creating cogo points and then a cogo group and at last a tinsurface, but as you cas see if i do that the triangles are gonna appear really messed in the civil 3d

My next step would be combine my surface B and surface C, but i dont find a node in dynamo what allows me to do that and skipp the creating cogo step.

then, my questions would be: if there any way to make my surface C appear like in my dynamo “grading” surface C image, and , there is a node who allows me to paste tin surface in dynamo to surfaces in the model?

My language English bad …
As Idea

Create surface a by border a
Create surface b by border b

Use method surface.paste

Add border a as hide

And can you see this

Hi @diego.palero,

Check out the Camber package. It has lots of nodes for surfaces that might be helpful. For example, there is a node for pasting surfaces.

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jajajaja, it is not my native language , ok, so i check the code and create a script using that code as a base, im gonna give it a shot, thanks.

awesome, thanks, im gonna check that package right away.