Breaking TIN surface into Solids by Bound Regions

Looking for some help on how to go about this. Have a client who requires design TIN surface to be broken up into regions all corresponding to the materials, then extruded as solids so they can be categorized/displayed as such in Revit. So far we’ve been creating the multitude of surfaces via hide/show boundaries and extruding each one to the required thickness, and I’m certain Dynamo can speed up the process.

My end goal is for the designer to be able to select the boundaries of the region and the thickness of the extruded solid, with Dynamo/Python doing the heavy lifting. I’ve attempted this using only OOTB nodes and Civil 3D toolkit, but I’ve hit a snag with TIN surface functionality vs. Surface functionality. I’m thinking a better approach would be to automate the hide/show/extrude process through Python instead, but, again, I’ve hit a stumbling block of .NET API to Python translation.

Any help/thoughts/comments/prayers would be appreciated!

Hi @cole.fritz,

Check these out and see if they help:


hello @cole.fritz

have you solved it? I’ve done a very similar process in both topics @mzjensen linked above, if you still have some doubts I think I can help you

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Apologies! Thanks @mzjensen. That did the trick.