How to sweep the family along the splited polycurve?


Hello @ParkJihye …We cant see whats goin on here, could you share your files

Sample_2.xlsx (12.8 KB)
Home.dyn (73.4 KB)
라이닝.rfa (416 KB)
oh! Thank you !!

i want a result like this


Cheers…I will take a look later todayn and went back, as im not at my pc in the moment…have a great day :wink:

Thank you very much ㅠㅠ :grinning:

hi @ParkJihye … Could something like this here work for you…

newHome.dyn (64.3 KB)

Here is a more simple way…
newHome.dyn (39.3 KB)

LOFT Home.dyn (63.8 KB)

oh!!! Thank you very much ㅜㅜ
Thank you!! :grin: