How to set the direction of a line?

hi guys,

I am wondering how I can set the direction of a line?
there are nodes were I can reverse the direction of the line or get the line direction… but how can I set the direction of this curve to be for example along a certain direction?

thank you

Not really much to go on here unfortunately without further screenshots explaining your problem. you can create lines like this, if that is what you mean?

I’d also do it this way. If you’re new to this, familiarize yourself with the Direction property (or rather, its vector) which describes the relation of the start- and end point over all three dimensional axes.

Where does the line come from, what do you want to use it for?

Hi guys,

thank you for replying
the problem is that I created the line following a surface and I don’t know the orientation of the surface so I cant know the orientation of the line.

the solution am searching for is to change the vector orientation of an existing line

will this do it?

Consistant line directions.dyn (6.7 KB)