Direction of a line

Hi, is there a way to see direction of a line ? like a small arrow on line ? We have this option in grasshopper

maybe the Line.Direction node?

I tried that already, it doesnt :confused:

As far as I know there isn’t an effective equivalent, but we can make our own arrows I guess!

Arrows by direction.dyn (33.9 KB)


There isn’t really a build in way to show this, but you could create some yourself:

Ah, Gavin beat me to it.

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I like your arrow head more if that’s any consolation. Was trying to do midpoints for mine like the Grasshopper arrow symbols though :wink:

thanks guys. It worked
However, I have to break curves to lines always for this. I say this when I take a point at parameter on a curve, a small red arrow appears on a curve. It made me wonder if there s a built in method.

Never used this one so i dont know how it looks :slight_smile:

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which package is it from ?

It says BIM4Struc.Productivity.

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