How to set level to unconnected height?

i saw quite a bit discussion here but no straight answer, perhaps i missed? do i have to use Python or even API?

i tried null, List.Empty, etc

Hi @Ning_Zhou

What do you mean set level to unconnected height. It is not possible to set level to Unconnected height. Do you mean you want to set walls or other elements to unconnected height?


While I haven’t tried it, I think you would have to do this with Python by setting the Top Constraint parameter value to ElementId.InvalidElementId …
Maybe this example can help you:

that’s what i thought, thanks Andreas for confirmation and link!

You can also try the below node from springs:



great! thanks Dimitar

both Andreas and Dimitar 's suggestion works great, but what if Revit element not yet created? for instance, if i want to use OOTB node Wall.ByCurveAndLevels, and Revit project only have one level, then i have no choice except using another OOTB node Wall.ByCurveAndHeight.
i still think that OOTB Levels node should include null or none.