Unconnected wall parameter

Hi all…

I’m experimenting with parameters on walls in Dynamo. I am able to successfully do this:

…but not this:

Why is this? Is this because the parameter of “Top Constraint” is a drop-down-built-in parameter? How would you change this latter parameter?


Hi, this parameter value has to be a level, it doesn’t accept “Unconnected” as a string

…however, when we use the “Levels” node, “Unconnected” does not appear as an option…but in Revit “Unconnected” is an option for the Top Constraint parameter.

Perhaps the “Levels” node needs to be updated to include “Unconnected”?

…or is there another way to universally set that parameter? (I do understand it’s easy enough in Revit to isolate the elements and set that parameter, but I’m thinking I’d like to include that step in a larger Dynamo script…)