How to select Views by name using excel export?

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I’m trying to find a way to select views by using an excel spreadsheet, so far I figured I would export the list of View names from Revit then import that list on to Dynamo and use a filter to select the elements that are equal to the list on excel. I’m not sure why, but the output won’t match the views I need.View%20Selection

So far this is what I have an inclining that it might be a problem with the excel sheet, though I’m not sure because the spreadsheet is just the list of View name.


you could try to use the contains node aswell (instead of ==)

You probably also need to change the Lacing on the == node to longest since you have lists of different length.

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Thanks Marcel,

I tried this method unfortunately it is the same results. The script is unable to select the elements I need.

Hi Sean,

Changing the Lacing works, kind of. Though it is only selecting one of the views that I need. Is there a way so that it selects all the elements within the list?

My guess would be there is some subtle difference between what is in the model and what is in your excel file. Something like spaces or capitalization in your view titles. In the past I have used a ToUpper or ToLower node to eliminate capitalization as an issue, but that can depend on what naming conventions you are using. Could you post a new image and verify those items to see if it will resolve?

The values match so I’m not sure that is the case. I tried using to nodes to see if it will help but it just ended up not selecting anything.
Excel Project%20Browser
*both naming conventions have “_”

Here is a workflow that I have used in the past and it appears to work. I would still think there is something in the string that is making them not match.

(The yellow node is only because I have “views” that are throwing the error as you can see the “null” values.)

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Thanks Sean turns out there was a problem with my excel sheet but it was just where the values are places on the cells. Thank you so much for your help