How to select Revit elements within an odd shape of Box not regular bounding box

Hi All,

I have a question and i hope you can help me with. I have a project (structure model) and i need to define exactly elements like columns, slabs, walls and soon which are included or contained in another Revit family in shape of box boundary.

The point that boundary box is not regular shape as its defined by 4 points but what i have are odd shape defined by 5 to 6 points so i cant translate this in Bounding box so i create Revit family simple extrusion based on existing floor zoning and now i need to select and list the revit elements which are contained in that Revit family box.

is there any solution you can help me with, i tried to edit the Python script node to read from the Revit family box but i am new on this so i failed to define can you help me?

Geometry.intersects should work for you here.

I am sorry can put an image for this script how its look like

Can’t post a graph (too busy with my own work), but the basic steps are as follow:

  1. get Revit elements
  2. build geometry or locations (not sure how detailed you need this - best to keep things simple and use locations if you can)
  3. define shapes you’re trying to test containment for.
  4. build geometry from shapes.
  5. using a Geometry.Intersects node, feed the element locations or shapes in as one input, and the space shapes as the second input.

Give it a whirl and I can help by providing feedback on a new post with a graph attempt if you get stuck.