Does the Geometry inside Families have their own boundingbox?

Hi all,

Does anyone hapen to know if the geometry inside families have their own (nested)boundingbox?
This would give me more accurate info about the element size (when elements/families are positioned non-axis-aligned in the project).

No they don’t

Any geometry has a bounding box - the question is more aptly this: is your family built in a way where you can easily isolate the geometry in question?


The revit api provides two separate methods of fetching the geometry of a family instance. You can either read the transformed geometry of the instance or read the “original” geometry of the family. Either way the result is a GeometryElement on which you can call “GetBoundingBox”.


Thank you very much @Dimitar_Venkov, now I have a nice study project. I’ll see how far I can get.

I thought I would need Python to do this, but OOTB nodes are sufficient. Thanks again @Dimitar_Venkov you certainly sent me in the right direction.

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