How to select all nested families of type in view

hi, I am trying to select all of these families that are nested in the current view but is is coming up empty because the select all elements in view is not collecting the nested families. Is there a work around for this?

By nested I assume you mean a family loaded into another family. Is your nested family shared? Can you select it directly from the view?

You’ll also need to change the lacing of your String.Contains node. You can see from the number of outputs it’s only comparing the first 352 items from each list (shortest lacing.) Cross-product should be what you want.

yes that is correct and it is shared. No I cannot select it directly from the view.

If it’s a shared element you should be able to select it from the project environment. It should also show up in your list of elements in the active view. In fact, you should be able to just get the elements in the active view and their Family Type. Then filter for the correct type.

Can you share a test model?

well maybe if i tab select it i can select it, but it is in fact shared, i know that for a fact. Ok let me try this cross product thing and ill get back to you, thanks!

Check the elements in your All Elements in Active View node. They should show up there.

wait, yesterday they were showing up in this node in between every hanger but now they are no where to be found. What gives? Thanks,