All Elements of Family Type in View

I noticed that there’s a node for All Elements of Category in View.

This is nice because pulling all of the elements in a view without a category filter can be very time consuming - depending on how much stuff is actually visible. But what if there was still a lot of elements in a specific category? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get the elements for a specific family type in a view? This would save a lot of processing time if you were trying to do this across several views simultaneously. Can it be done - maybe with a Python Script?


This previous post might prove to be useful as a reference, it’s interesting to me now!

I noticed that one as well.
I tried editing the script to allow for a view plug-in, but I am not yet experienced enough with python to get it to work.

Hi Daniel,
I am not at my computer at the moment so I can’t try this out right now, will do tomorrow.

But I think you could get all elements of family type in the active project, and use the element owner view (clockwork)node to find what views the elements are in.
Next step would be to match these views versus the active view and filter the first list(your elements) with a simple bool mask.

I guess this should work? If you can’t get it to work I will check it tomorrow

Thanks @MVE1112. Right now I use filtering to get all elements of a specific family type after using the node that gets All Elements of Category in View. This method is best one i know of so far that takes the least processing time.
However, I am usually trying to get these elements from multiple views - which means that dynamo is still processing all of the elements of an entire category for those views as well. So instead of getting, say 8 elements per view, dynamo is processing around 100 per view.
You have to wait quite the while for a list of thousands of elements! So the issue isn’t whether I can get a list, but the time it takes to do it.

I suppose that until the Lords of Dynamo deem it worthy to give us lowly plebleians this sort of node (or more likely realize the need or have the time😅) it will probably require a python script to accomplish.

But can’t you get all elements of type, and then filter that list by views?
That would be faster than getting all elements of category, right?

I ment like this:

This way, you only get the specific family type and not the whole category.
The Document.Active view is from Spring nodes, All Elements of Family type + and Element ownerview are from clockwork

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I updated the SelectByCategoryAndView node.
I need to find a better name for this node now.


Wow. A node that pulls across specific views for a category, element type or family type. I guess that is starting to sound long. SelectByItemAndView? Or maybe SelectByAnythingAndView - that might get too encompassing though.
Since many may be inclined to use ootb for categories, SelectByTypeandView could be an option too.

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Is it available for download? Looks like the last update is on November 8th.

I thought I’d give this a shot. It looks like the Element.OwnerView node from Clockwork is limited to specific elements even if they are visible in views. It gets nulls for every item on the list.

You will have to wait a few hours while I review your other request on the reference nodes. :wink:

I realized that shortly after asking. :sweat_smile: That’s fair. Thanks for your help!

Ah, yes that node only works for annotation if i am correct, not for 3d element is i am correct…
I am not sure what kind of family you are trying to filter :slight_smile:

Its a 3D Faced Based Family, so that would make sense.

I see, then your best bet is to wait for Alban’s update :slight_smile:
There probably isnt a faster way to filter than what you mentioned by category.

Am looking forward to that updated node aswell :slight_smile:

@MVE1112, I think you are not alone. @Alban_de_Chasteigner, the pressure is on! :smile: Thanks again.

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The Genius Loci package was updated with some improvments.
Good graph optimization !