Export Multiple Schedules within selected Sheet to a single Excel file

Hi everyone,

I would like to upgrade my Dynamo script, but I can’t really find the best way to do so.
My goal is to find a way how to export the schedules that are on specific sheet to one single excel file. This is how it suppose to work:

  1. Select a specific sheet from the sheet list (It suppose to be a drop down list or an input field (string));
  2. Export all the schedules within the selected sheet to a single excel file.

With my script I can only export random schedules by name within the project. And I can only export to the separate Excel files.

Maybe someone can give me a feedback on this? And help me to find a way how to upgrade it. Thanks.

Thanks to me. I did this by myself.

Script will export all the schedules of selected sheet to a single excel file.
Feel free to use it.


Great script! BTW, Id like to ask what package does the “Exported from Sheet” node come from?

Hi @lancekensukerivaille ! Thanks!

The node Sheet.GetViewportsAndViews is from the package Rhythm;
The Strings. String ReplaceIlegalCharacters is from package Clockwork;
The Schedule.GetData is from package bimorphNodes;
As I recall you need to download one more package, but I can’t really remember which one:
Try archi-lab.net OR DynaTools.

I think this is it. Let me know if you needs some more help.


@zalgirietis.minde If you use the monocle package, it puts a node at every custom node telling you from which package it comes. This comes in quiet handy when you post on the forum.
How to use monocle: https://www.parallaxteam.com/monocle-for-dynamo-released/
Once you installed the package you can use it here:

Thanks @Laura_POLO !

I just realized that you have asked a different thing. “Exported from sheet” is a “Watch” node. Just change the name of it and you will be able to see it while running Dynamo Play.