How to run refinery or generative design in C3D 2022/2023

Has anyone been able to make this work? I was to do this in C3D 2020 using the Refinery beta but haven’t had lunch with 2022/2023. @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 or others want to weigh in?

Take a look at this if you haven’t already. Basically you can move the data over to Revit and run the GD study there, then move it back to C3D.

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Thanks @mzjensen. I’m also familiar with @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 's approaches having done some training with him at my organization. I was hoping one day that Autodesk would add GD to C3D. Forgot GD was rolled out in Revit 2022 onward so will give this a try in the meantime.