How to rotate Revit family around y-axis?

How to rotate Revit family around y-axis, or make it align to the pipe?

What family category is it?
Is it part of a plumbing system?

Yes. It’s a pipe fitting & I need to rotate it around y-axis in order to be aligned with the pipe.

Hi @enghamada911 and welcome, try Element.Rotate from DynaMEP package

Hello @enghamada911 …you could try this one here…

Thanks a lot for your reply. But the mentioned node only rotates the elements around z-axis.

Thanks a lot for your reply. But I couldn’t find this node. Could you send it to me?

Hello @enghamada911 …dont think it will help rotate the element, it will not split the pipe in 2 pieces and keep and go on system…the node i suggest is from MePover…good luck

You can try something here…it should work…

test pipe fitting.dyn (18.7 KB)

PS location curve is from Genius Loci

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@sovitek Thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately it didn’t work!

What I actually need is to place an expansion socket(marked with red) on all sovent fittings(marked with blue) in the project. My code only succeeded to place the socket but with wrong direction. is there a certain solution for this problem?

My code:

aha you want fittings connector connect to another fitting…no pipe between

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Exactly! I want a code that places the upper fitting(socket) automatically in all lower fittings(sovent) in the whole project, without the need to place them manually.

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hehehe then i would try to play around with these great nodes from DynaMep as @tradelie already mention…havent tried it…its very rare i i connect fitting to fitting…hope it could help