Element.getparameter acting strange

I have made a code in dynamo, that exports schedule from active window in revit to Excel. It actually take all elements from Schedule and parameters from the schedule and then used those parametrs list to gets its values from element using Element.getparameter… as shown in Picture.


So the paramater “Anzahl” (Quantity in English) is not an element paramater but parameter from schedule and tha Anzahl list is empty which is ok and logical. Now this is the window schedule and these windows has parameters Breite (width), Höhe (Height) but has no parameter as Fläche (Area). So my list for Fläche should also come empty as Windows has no parameter as Fläche. It should be the same as parameter Anzahl because both Anzahl and Fläche are not the window parameters but Schedule parameters. The green line in pic shows Anzahl which is empty and red is Fläche which is there.


I advise you to use the Schedule.GetData node of bimorph nodes to retrieve your Schedule then export it to excel
is that what you are looking for?

That was not the answer for what i was looking. But u gave me extremely good idea and i tried it. Its working better than previous code

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