How to Refresh CAD Links

Is it possible to trigger a script just by embedding it in a custom node?

I am putting together a workflow that can export selected views to AutoCAD and link them back into revit. So far it seems to work pretty well, but things get kinda weird when you want to update changes. My script does a good job at overwriting the dwgs, but there is no provision to load them back in.

However, I noticed this node from Genius Loci.

I ran it and it and works good, but there is no way to trigger the script after exporting the links - meaning you have to run it in a separate graph. Is there a way to add this functionality in?

It would also be awful nice if you could feed in a list of the links that need to be refreshed. Then you would only have to wait for those links to update. Thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner for this node, if you had any input, that would be awesome.

Hi @daniel1,

In this case use the Reload CAD ImportInstance node.
You can filter by name or other criteria the links to reload.

Reload CAD links.dyn (14.0 KB)

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Ahh, I see; its in the latest version of the package. Already there! Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner. It works great!

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