How to read family parameter from an external .rfa File

I’m trying to read the type parameters of all families stored in an external .rfa file location. But when I run the dynamo, this error pops up.

Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer. (3f47aacd)

Here’s how the graph looks like.

I would like to know the fix for this issue so I could read the family information from external .rfa files.
Appreciate any help. Thank you

The nodes with errors are meant for Revit elements and not files or file directory. I don’t think you can acces the family parameters through this method.

Try creating a dummy Revit file, load the families and then retrieve the family parameters you’re after.

@Renzoj14 it not possible to get elements from an external document? If yes, then the parameters should also be accessible, right? @imaliasad, i just started working with dynamo and i am sure that others can help you better than me. But anyway…here it comes…i think you are missing a couple of nodes. There is a node (package bakery) that allows you to get the categories and element from an external document. Try that…maybe it will work. If that does not work and you have a solution, share the knowlege please :slight_smile:

Regards, Shah

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Sorry my bad. What I meant is that the nodes being used cannot get the information required. Yes there might be packages that allow one to do that.