How to publish a package that uses ViewExtension class

Hi, what is the correct way to distribute a package that has a ViewExtension XML file? How to get it placed correctly in the [DynamoMainFolder]/viewExtension folder on the user’s computer and how to ensure that the path to the dll that contains the ViewExtension-derived class is set correctly on the user’s computer.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @LongNguyen It’s not really possible yet, I added a PR for the functionality to add a non view extension to the package manager.

At the current time I think your best bet is write an installer … or some really good documentation.

Thanks for clarifying.

I think in the long run I will make a proper installer. For now I will just make a clear installation manuals :slight_smile:

btw… is this about your Dynamo form finding package? Very exciting!?

Hi Micheal. Thank you :slight_smile: Yes it is indeed for the DynaShape package. I used the ViewExtension for mouse-viewport interaction, that was why I asked.

I have decided to spent this Sunday afternoon to write a simple installer. Hope to publish it here on the DynamoBIM forum in the next few days.