How to produce a report (.pdf or .txt etc) of value inserted in a UI ("data shapes" based)?

Hi everyone,
I’ve created a questionnaire starting from the package “Data Shapes” of @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi. It’s an “dynamic” one because the questions contained in each form depend on the previous form.

For example, if the answers at the “FORM1” are “TRUE” (question 1) ,“FALSE”(question 2) , “TRUE” (question 3) will be trigger the FORM 2, in the others case a different form.

My question is: There is a method or tool that permits me to save the answer in a report?
I attached here below a .jpg of a generic form, the dynamo file “Questionnaire.dyn” and a FAC-SIMILE of what I want to obtain.FAC SIMILE.pdf (47.1 KB)

Questionnaire.dyn (83.7 KB)

First, I would use radio buttons or a dropdown instead of list selection since you’re asking for a single response. Just a thought.
As for your question… You could always write the answers to Excel or (depending on what you’re doing) you could include FORM 2 in your Dynamo graph with a conditional statement.

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I’d go with excel as well. Would be a single file, with a new sheet for each survey response. That way you can quickly take data from a single survey, or a review of all the responses to look for trends in the dataset (everyone said true to #2! wow!).